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help with jacket zipper fly-chin protector flap


  • jpreo


    It should be possible just adding an internal line and folding to the front.  But another option would be to add a seam there, creating the small front overlap as a separate piece.  At which point you can lift just that small pattern piece to be on top, or use the various layering options.  You could keep it that way and just hide the seam line by adjusting the normal to zero.  Or you could merge the pieces after the simulation is settled.  Depending on how you join things, you may need a turned sewing line in places.

  • CLO Designers

    Hi ca13349453,

    As jpreo says, plus you can keep the zipper from colliding out by using the Tack tool to create a space of air for it:

  • ca13349453

    ok, thank you, I will try it; I did already with layers, but at the end, by simulation and/or animation, everything was flying away and not keeping the form.

    thanks again 👌 😜

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