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3d shadow on Seams and Topstitch


  • CLO Designers

    Dear tbvjwnsldj,

    The intensity of the Normal Map in the tutorial is set to maximum value as well as 2mm more thickness, in your example it is still 10. Adjust this number and see if it shows up then. If the issue persists, please get back to us.

  • tbvjwnsldj

    Still nothing is changed... changing thickness and intensity is not helping. It feels like the normal map is not applied at all.

    It is the same with seams as you can see from the front placket seams are so flat compared to the upper tutorial image. 

  • US Designer Support

    Hi tbvjwnsldj

    Are you on a Mac or a PC? Have you made sure to update your graphics card/OS to the latest version?

  • marziehshojaeimehr


    Did you find the solution? Because I have the same problem in Clo3D 7.3

  • US Designer Support

    Hi marziehshojaeimehr

    It looks like you do not have a current CLO subscription. Can you please share your current CLO ID so we can assist further

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