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  • Official comment
    CLO Designers

    manishk. Both the comments here are correct. One footnote to Elisa's comment; she mentions changing the color of the Zipper Tape. This should be done in an external application like Photoshop. Currently to have a different color for the tape and the teeth, the image has to be changed before it gets into CLO.

  • vadsura

    You need to load your custom textures into the texture slots. like this.

    This is not included in the delivery by default.

    For this, it is better to use sbsar materials, since both metal and woven material are present in the texture. It is also possible to select a color separately for metal and fabric.

  • manishk

    Hi everyone !

    I've just gone through Elisa's comment and tried to find out the options mentioned in the comment. But i'm unable to find out these options in clo3d.. i

    m using the latest version of clo3d. I'm sharing the screenshot.

  • Elisa

    Thank vadsura for the answer ! very interesting ! 

    manishk Yes, that's what I usually do every time... I thought there might be a faster way in clo directly. 


  • trungngocsd

    vadsura could you share the zipper file? It look too real than avilable in library.

  • danatroskie

    Hi manishk I could also not find these options. Did you manage to figure it out? 

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