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U3M integration


  • Vad

    Even Google didn't help me. Tell me in what industry is this standard ? u3m?


    offer to open the playlist m3u

  • pinarer

    U3M is Browzwear's format, in CLO zfab is the same thing. file that contains physical and texture files of fabrics, every 3d software has it is own format for those.

  • studiolupas

    U3M is a file format developed by Vizoo and Browzwear to answer the problem that every 3D simulation software has its own file format and calculations for fabric parameters. Check it out here:

    It's supposed to become a standard format that can be loaded into any 3D simulation software to accurately portray digital fabrics - both physical and optical parameters. Considering it's such a hassle for mills to create digital versions of their fabrics when they need to create separate files for each 3D software, U3M is a great solution. However, despite everyone in the fashion industry saying that a standard is needed, adoption has been slow. CLO said several years ago that if enough people ask for U3M, they'll integrate it, so I'd like to know the current status. Standardization was a big topic at this year's PI Apparel once again.

  • manuelh

    I'm also curious about the status or interesting in u3m integration. Any update CLO3D?

  • Vad

    When Bravswar will be open files CLO zfab?

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