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new imported avatar doesn't rig correctly


  • stimamiglio001

    Unfortunately the Autoconvert in CLO has a lot of trouble with fingers and mouth/teeth. Follow the instruction in the manual for the Autoconvert and test here and there but it doesn't work magically as we all wish, sorry pal

  • haneca

    I'm not 100% sure yet but you can define a Rig type and create an Avatar. Then correct or verify the mapping of Avatar.
    Once you are done with the bone mapping you can optionally click on the Muscles & Settings tab to adjust your Avatar's muscle profile contact me via octordle if you want

  • theotimeclo


    Have you tried to export your avatar in Mixamo? Most of the time they remesh the avatars properly and allows you to try different poses. 

    You can then import it in CLO as an FBX 

    Here is a tips and tricks that breaks down the steps 

    Let me know if that worked for you!

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