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Export Print Layout as DXF


  • jogemg

    At the moment the only way I see is a work around, were I delete everything except the fabric garment pieces that are the same type, and export them as AMMA/DXF But then I get at very wide export were text is placed way out to the left, and stacked in layers on top of other text so it becomes unreadable. I would love to be able to edit my dxf layout before saving it. 

    The thing I cannot understand, is when I make my product, I am able to nest it in print layout just fine. I can adjust the width of the fabric, but the only option I get is the snapshot to png and pdf. My manufacture is not able to use these files to cut the fabric using these files. If I could actually "print" ore make a cut file from print layout it lives up to the name, other wise I cannot se that tha purpose is entirely utilized.

    To help me with the hole process not getting to complex the above would strengthen my workflow, and it would be more streamlined. The designs I do is made up of ribbons in different widths, fabrics in different colors, widths, and thicknesses, and to deconstruct my rather complex designs down to every single pice ore part, export as dxf, and keep track of every part version would be a nightmare. 

    Another way to export would be to right click a garment pice and create a dxf directly from the 2D window. The CAD software I have been working on before has this option. It makes sense since the garment in 2D is already unfolded, and ready fore this purpose.

    Kind Regards

  • subject

    Hello I also came across this issue today US Designer Support it would extend the power of the internal nesting functionality dramatically to enable dxf format export on the print layout view. For those of us with cnc machines, plotters knifes etc. the workflow otherwise is quite terrible. if there is a method for exposing the print layout view as vector of some kind, svg, dxf please let me know otherwise consider this feature request

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