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Draping Center Front / Sewing Issue


  • isabelcrosby2

    I truly think the main issue is that your garment is much too tight. I can see that your inspiration garment is pulling, but yours is showing it is unwearably tight which is keeping it from being able to overlap properly. If you want it to look like the image, it needs to be internal lines sewn to internal lines, because it's not actually sewn at CF. You can use select mesh to push in or pull out the areas you want to sit on top, as it appears to alternate in the image. Another recommendation to look more like the image is to select the CF line and apply elastic with a ratio of over 100, like something between 105-120. This will make CF ripple like it is doing in the image. It appears to have what I would call a "lettuce" edge where it is pearl hemmed and it gets a bit stretched out and wavy in the process. But this is an extra detail, for sewing purposes I recommend increasing your garment width first. Hope that helps!

  • CLO Designers

    Hi There. You asked this same question several months ago. Did you see the reply HERE

    Also isabelcrosby2 has seral good points as well

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