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Teaching Myself Please help


  • CLO Designers

    Hi!. Those purple lines are called Base Lines. They are usually used by pattern makers to mark the pattern. 
    There is a great explanation HERE

    You can also Use the Trace tool to activate Baselines and turn them into InternalLines so you can select them.

  • lincactive

    You are AMAZING thank you so much!

  • jpreo

    These are called baselines.  They are pattern markings that may convey info, or may have been part of the original construction, but don't effect the simulation in any way.  You can hide them in the 2D and/or 3D window using the menus at upper left. Look for the toggle with blue lines that says "baselines".  If you want to delete them permanently, one quick way is to open the trace tool in the 2D window.  This will unlock the lines, and you can select and delete any/all of them.  The other thing you can do with the trace tool is select a baseline and trace it as an internal line.  That way you can use it for sewing or cutting the pattern piece.

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