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Suggestion for Improvement_Gradation between X axes and Y axes - D axes


  • CLO Designers


    For D is that Diagonal? Do you want to see this in the Property Editor?

    Can you also give reference to exactly what you are looking for that would be helpful?

  • philippecao

    The reference size is the basic size 38

    The reference size is(in a way) the smallest size

    By graduate in X axis, by graduate in Y axis ; I obtain logicly coordinate between axes X et axis Y

    That I only see, when "edit grading" the point.

    If I am ask to change the graduation in D axis from 7.07mm to 7mm, how I can do that ?

    I must have to go back to X axis and Y axis , that is easy when cordinate/value are the same on X and Y axis

    But when I have cordinate like this, how can I go to D 0.54cm to D 0.6cm.


    By adding the D value in the property editor, I could change easly the D value


    It give new X and Y value

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