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Suggestion for Improvement_Measurement charts


  • CLO Designers

    Hi. POM will only show the measurement. If you want to see the difference from a base of Zero you will need to go into Grading

  • philippecao

    Y value on neckline center back point

    X&Y value on back neck point

    All the value I see is the value of the point of the point In X axis, Y axis, D axis(between X axis and Y axis)

    When I measure the back neck line


    I see the line measurement grew, but I don't see the line value from one size to another
    By adding the elongation value to the curve, the line or the segment of both (RED Line / Distance mode or GREEN Line / Offset mode), I can see size by size how much the line is stretched

    In the images above, we can see that the back neck line is getting a few mm more at each size.

    If we do not change gradation value, at the end it is not the 48 size we have, it is the volume off a 50 or 52 size.

    By changing gradation value, each size grew of the same value from one size to another


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