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  • Permanently deleted user

    I love your image!! So stunning!

    My favorite update to CLO 4.0 is indeed newly added trims, fabric wash images, and the Marketplace! So many new items to play with!

    So Excited!

  • astro

    Woah! How did you make this? Is it all just studs as buttons? How long did it take you to render? Probably would have been longer on the older versions 🤣

  • closure

    Very cool!

  • geniusbutton

    Thank you all! Glad you like it.

    Yes, I used a stud from the default button presets, changed the thickness to get that more dramatic look, never have I ever been so thankful for "duplicate to symmetric pattern" function. :D Rendering only took a few minutes, which was a surprise. I thought it would take way longer as I have sooo many metal studs. 

  • lisakohlert

    WOW!! The metal looks sooo realistic. I love the design too <3.

  • zhanart

    I also like it, Did a very good job.
    Only Vray is not quite the same, it's frustrating that there are no settings to improve the quality. While I will render in the Corona-render.

  • craesnyder2

    This looks really good!! Is everything completely rendered in CLO3D?
    If so can you give screenshots of settings when you rendered?


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