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Reversed Normal Maps on Topstitch & Seams


  • CLO Designers

    Hi brandalliance,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    It seems like the seam lines are accentuated due to the light settings in rendering.

    You can also adjust the intensity of the normal map applied on sewing line.

    With "Edit Sewing [B]" tool, click on the sewing line and adjust the "3D Seamline" in the Property Editor.

    Hope it helps.




  • brandalliance


    Thank you for your reply.

    A further issue is that this has only happened with this project - all of my other project renders have been fine and use the same render settings across them all? The normal reversing doesn't happen to the front of the garment render for the first custom view, but after that for all other custom views this reversing happens?

    Many thanks,

  • jpreo

    brandalliance, the thing about normals, is they are just shading, not geometry.  As such it's always possible for the eye to see them in reverse--is it popping out or sinking in?  Looking at your hood in the 3d quality render, I see along the top right corner of the center panel seam there's a strong dark/light shadow.  My eye reads that as a ditch, where light is some how reaching the right side, and shadowing the left (my eye presumes the light source is in the upper right).  In your final render, there's the same strong shading configuration along that section of seam, dark on the left/light on the right.  But this time my eye reads it as a hill, where the right side is catching light and blocking light on the back (light from the right?).  Neither perception is "correct", they are both just an optical illusion applied to a flat object.   I think the maps are applied consistently in both scenes.  I agree if you adjust the intensity, the eye may be less drawn to the seams, and let other clues about the lighting set the perception.

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