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Emails from CLO are filtered as spam by Gmail.



Emails from CLO are filtered as spam by Gmail.



If you did not receive emails from CLO including the invoice and reply for your inquiry, and later found the emails in your spam folder - please follow the steps below. 


[STEP 1]

Mark incorrectly classified emails as Not spam

Go to your spam folder and open the email from CLO. Click on the 'Report not spam' button at the top.

Gmail uses machine learning to recognize spam. So you need to mark CLO emails as not spam manually to let Gmail learn your behavior. 


[STEP 2]

Set up a filter on Gmail
If CLO emails are still sent to the spam folder after trying STEP 1, create a new filter in your Gmail inbox not to report CLO emails as spam

1. Open Gmail.

2. In the search box at the top, click Show search options.

3. Enter your search criteria; ex) From: or Has the words: CLO3d

4. At the bottom of the search window, click Create filter.

5. Check 'Never send it to Spam'

6. Click Create filter.

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