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Open Textures in AI / PS (ver 6.1)



Open the texture image applied to fabric or trim in Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop.



Fabric Property ▶  mceclip0.png  button right to each map.



  1. Click the tool/menu indicated.
    → The pop-up menu appears.

  2. Click Add Another App menu. 
    → Select Application window appears. 
  3. Select the executable file (EXE) of the application to be added. Click Open button.
    → The texture will then open in that application and the application will be added to the list of the pop-up menu as well. 

  4. Save the edited texture in the application, return to CLO, then right-click on the background in the 3D window. ▶ Click Refresh Textures (F5).
    → The edited texture image appears.  


  • Once you click Open with Another App menu, you can only execute the selected application without adding it to the pop-up menu. 
  • User Settings ▶ Other you can register or delete the application that is opening textures. 
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