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Technical guidance for TLS 1.2 update of CLO


Applicable for: 5.0 or later

CLO product type: Network OnlineAuth, Standalone OnlineAuth

What is TLS (Transport Layer Security)?

Transport Layer Security is a security protocol designed to facilitate data security for communications on the Internet. It protects users' data from various cyber threats and provides a secure connection between users by encrypting data. 

Does TLS update affect my use of software?

  • Since this update applies to the CLO server, so there is no direct impact on CLO users and CLO software.
  • All Operating Systems released after Windows 8 and macOS 10.9 have supported TLS 1.2 by default, so users of the latest OS can seamlessly use the CLO software.
  • Please check if your OS meets the CLO system requirements here.

How can I get help?

If you encounter any of the following problems during CLO startup and login, please contact us with a screenshot and detailed description.

  • An error message "Delayed Network Connection" displays when login CLO software.
  • CLO login window does not appear.
  • CLO software does not respond after login attempt.

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  • When the OS is updated to the latest, various problems caused by differences in TLS versions can be prevented in advance. Find out how to update your OS on the Microsoft or Apple website.
  • This document provides technical guidance for the CLO server and CLO software. For TLS-related problems from your web browser or the specific website you are accessing, please contact the appropriate provider.
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