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3D State



Record 3D state to compare or check your design process.



History ▶ 3D State



  1. Open the History Palette on the left side of the CLO Workspace
  2. Select the tool/ menu indicated. 
    → A project file that includes a garment and an avatar in the 3D window is saved and appears in the list.
  3. Double click the item to recall the state that you recorded. 
    → The 3D State file is open.
    → Once opening your file, the previous histories are deleted. 

  4. Right-click on the 3D state list to rename the file or delete unnecessary items. 


※Note: When you save a project file(ZPRJ), the 3D State file is also saved with it. The more 3D files that are saved, the bigger the file is. It may slow down the speed when you open and save the file. (ver 6.1)


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