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Avatar Face Style Configurator (ver 6.1)


  • drudgls

    Hi there I'm having trouble finding: Avatar Properties ▶ Body Styling ▶ Skin Style ▶ Style Configuration button. Where exactly is the Avatar Properties > Body Styling? I'm selecting the avatar and looking at the Property Editor but can't see anything with "Body Styling", "Skin Style" or "Style Configuration"

  • tinaf

    agree with drudgls, where is this mystery place? I have looked under every rock.

  • tinaf

    nevermind, found the very sublte head profile in the Property Editor. I was hoping for morphs to change features, not just adjust the mat maps though.

  • deliuccia

    me too, could not fnd it anaywhere!!!! Clo? Make a tutorial please.

  • deliuccia

    I used a DAZ plugin to create different heads, it's called Headshop, very good.

  • vikibelll

    Make for Avatar Face Style Configurator (ver 7.2)!  Please

  • roman107

    Where is the face style configurator in ver 7.2?

  • planetaryasylum

    We need an update for the style configurator in version 7.2!!!