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Parametric Pattern Creation(ver 7.0)


  • vadsura

    I can only enter numbers? I need formulas with avatar measurements. Can I do that?

  • supritha

    In Clo3D's 'Parametric Pattern Creation(ver 7.0)' - can we create trousers, jackets, skirts ?

  • ogg1204

    Will there be freedom to make a custom pattern parametric?

  • pression

    Tenho uma excelente ideia!!! Nas medidas POM poderia deixar habilitado pra digitar e alterar automaticamente no molde. Isto seria paramétrico também .

  • audimas

    I tried to open a new avatar after making parametric patterns, and it does not open as a new file, the patterns made by parametric remain. When i tried to change the measurements, the old parametric patterns remain in 2d and 3d windows