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Fold 3D Garment


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Arrangement and Settings




Fold your 3D garment easily. 


Main Menu ▶ 3D Garment ▶ Fold 3D Garment

3D Toolbar ▶ Fold 3D Garment 


Arrangement and Settings

  1. When a 3D garment is draped over an avatar, click the avatar with the Select/Move tool to Delete it.
  2. Click the tool/ menu indicated. 
    → The Fold 3D Garment window appears.

  3. To fold a 3D garment efficiently, arrange and set it by clicking each button below. 
    mceclip0.png  Rotate X-Axis The tool rotates the 3D garment 90 degrees along the X-axis.
    When the 3D garment is in the air, it is moved to the center of the ground. 
    mceclip1.png Flip Horizontally

    Flip the 3D garment horizontally to fold part of the garment above or below the guideline. 
    ※Note: If a garment
    is folded in the upward state, it may be unstable due to collision with the ground. It is recommended to fold it in the downward state and then turn it over again.

    mceclip2.png  Optimize-Res Garment

    In order to efficiently fold the 3D garment, the Particle Distance and the Add'l Thickness - Collision are applied in batches with optimized values. Optimized values ​​are applied by default, and change as needed.

    mceclip3.png  Set Physical Property for Spreading  Set the proper physical property for spreading the 3D garment flat on the ground. 
    mceclip4.png Set Physical Property for Folding

    Set the proper physical property for folding the 3D garment easily.



  1. Click the Fold tool.
  2. Click the start point of the line to be folded on the ground or the 3D garment, double click to end it.
    → The line is created, and the gizmo for rotation appears.
  3. Click the gizmo axis (red or yellow-green) in the direction you want to fold to rotate it along the blue circle gizmo. 
    → It rotates in that direction.

  4. Simulate the garment.
    → The garment is simulated in a rotated state.  



  • Click the mceclip1.png Fold (Selected) tool to select and fold only a specific pattern piece. It is helpful when you want to fold a long sleeve one more time. 
  • You can create the horizontal, vertical, and 45-degree guidelines by pressing the Shift on the keyboard while drawing the lines. 
  • To delete the line while drawing, press the ESC on the keyboard.
  • Click the Fold (Selected) tool to select and fold only a specific pattern piece.  



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    This tool is really nice, but it does not seem to work if You have details which are frozen, what is Your suggestion ?
    I have like rolled edges on my t-shirt sleeve, neck and pocket edge.