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CLO-SET Account Linking (ver 6.2)


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CLO-SET Account Linking

Download File



Download and find the digital contents uploaded on CLO-SET in CLO. 



Library ▶ mceclip0.png CLO-SET Tab 


CLO-SET Account Linking

  1. Click the tool/menu indicated. 
  2. Click the CLO-SET Account button at the top right. 
    → The Account window appears. 
    The method of adding an account is the same as the CLO-SET CONNECT tab.
  3. Click the Add Account button. 
    → The CLO-SET Sign In Page appears.
  4. Once signed in, return to the CLO interface. 
    → The account is added in the Account window.
    → The groups you have joined and the favorite folders in CLO-SET appear in the window. 


Download File

  1. Double click a folder in the Favorites. 
    → The files appear in the folder. 

  2. Click the down arrow on the file to download.  
    → The file is now being activated. 
    → Here is the location below where you can find your file on your PC. 

    C: ▶ Users ▶ User Name ▶ Documents ▶ CLO ▶ Assets ▶ CLO-SET
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