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Compatible with Wacom 3D Pen (ver 6.0)


Wacom 3D Pen Settings

How to Control View in CLO

Recommended Pen and Touch Settings for windows



Control the view of the screen with the Wacom Pro Pen (2D) and 3D Pen without any key combination.




Main Menu ▶ Settings ▶ User Settings ▶ View Control ▶ Wacom Pen 



Wacom 3D Pen Settings

  1. Click the Start button.

  2. Type Wacom Tablet Properties and click on the first search result.

  3. My devices ▶ Click the tablet connected ▶ Click the Pen settings.

  4. In the Wacom Tablet Properties Window click on the Pen in the tool list. 
  5. Click on the plus "+" button to add an application profile.

  6. Click on the Browse button in the new window to locate CLO executable and click OK button.

  7. Set the pen button settings according to the recommended configuration for each of them.
    Wacom Pro Pen 2 Wacom Pro Pen 3D


    How to Set Space Bar: Click the dropdown menu ▶ Keyboard ▶ Modifier ▶ Keys ▶ Check on 'Space Bar'


How to Control View in CLO

  1. Control the view in the following way. 

    Hold down the middle button while hovering, move the pen on the tablet.

    Zoom Hold down the middle button while the pen tip is touching the device and move the pen in the vertical direction.
    Rotate Hold down the bottom button while the pen tip is touching or placing close to the device, move the pen to rotate.
    (Pro Pen 3D Only)

    Press the top button once to turn on the simulation and press once again to turn it off.

    Select Mesh (Brush)

    (Ver 6.1)

    When using the Select Mesh (brush) tool, resize the area where the mesh is selected based on the pressure of the pen on the tablet screen.

    ※Note: Use another key (e.g. Alt) on the keyboard with the pen to control the view in the 5.2 or lower versions.   


Recommended pen and Touch Settings for Windows.

  1. Click the Start button.

  2. Type Control Panel and click on the first search result.

  3. Switch the Control Panel display mode to a small icon.

  4. Click on Pen and Touch settings.
    Double-tab Double-click (Default Value)
    Press and hold Select the row ▶ Click ‘Settings’ ▶Check off ‘Enable press and hold for right-clicking.
    Pen Buttons

    Check on both menus below.

    • Use the pen button as a right-click equivalent.
    • Use the top of the pen to erase ink (where available).
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    Anyone else having any luck with this? I'm trying to get used to my wacom tablet but having trouble envoking the scale by increment menu. It works when you use the mouse by right mouse button click during the click and drag phase when scaling. But when I try doing this with the Wacom pen, I keep getting the default right dropdown menu. I wonder if there's any other way to do a precise scale.