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Register Hair/Shoes


Hair/Shoes OBJ production

Register Hair/Shoes



Register the Avatar's Hair/Shoes as an accessory file(ZACS).



Main menu Avatar ▶ Register Hair/Shoes


Hair/Shoes OBJ production

When making OBJ in other 3D programs(Maya, 3ds Max, etc.), please follow the requirements below.

  1. Set the work environment of the 3D program. (Axis: Y-Up, Unit: Millimeter)
  2. Create a hair/shoes OBJ according to the avatar file.
    Avatar Prepare an avatar suitable for the hair/shoes to be registered.
    CLO's default avatar or user avatar can be used. 
    Mesh For the sharp angular expression, add an edge to the mesh to be reliably simulated in the CLO.
    Dummy Mesh For complex areas (shoelaces, heels, etc.) where the faces come into contact, wrap in a transparent and flat dummy mesh.
    Make the spacing between dummy meshes smaller and more consistent than shoe meshes.

    Meah Name
    Hair hair
    Shoes 5f603b9a-10ee-4566-99cc-a65d8cfc67e2.png(shoes_r, shoes_l)

    Apply separately various materials(leather, metal, plastic, etc.)
    Even if the heel is the same material, it must be applied separately and the order must be at the bottom.

  3. Set the transform properties. (Translate/ Rotation: All axes 0, Scale: All axes 1)

  4. Export to FBX file. 


Register Hair/Shoes

  1. Open the avatar file for the hair/shoes to be registered.
    ※ Note: It is recommended to open additionally the hair/shoes file(FBX) to be registered and check that the position with the avatar is correct.

  2. Select the tool/menu indicated in Location
    → The Hair/Shoes registration window appears.
  3. After setting the following options, click the Create button. 
    Menu Description
    Hair/Shoes Select the type of hair and shoes(flat/heel).
    File Path (FBX) Select the path of the hair and shoe files to be registered.
    Thumbnail Add a thumbnail image to be displayed in the library window.
    → The save file window appears. 
  4. Set the file name and path.
    → It is saved as a hair/shoes file(ZACS).


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  • Avatar

    Hi, I would like to know how to name the mesh if I were to make the shoe obj in CLO itself. Is it the fabric's name? I keep getting error noti every time I try to import a fbx file as shoes as below:
    Failed to make shoes file. No matching mesh name below:

  • Avatar

    I get an error message even though I have specified the mesh name.

    Failed to load the ZACS file. Please create shoes file again after changing the mesh name of the 3D file to the one below.

    What should I do after the file is created?
    I need a more detailed manual.

  • Avatar

    Same here, I prepared my FBX file with mesh named hair and could create the hair in Clo 6.0.460 but once I want to use it I get the error message :
    "Failed to load the ZACS file. Please create a hair file again after changing the mesh name of the 3D file to the one below.
    Seems to be a defect, any update would be appreciate.

  • Avatar

    Hi, I keep getting the same error! how we should name the mesh I already exactly follow the above rules. Everytime I try import a fbx file as shoes always got same error window as below:
    Failed to make shoes file. No matching mesh name below:
    Is there any staff from CLO could ever answer a question here?

  • Avatar

    We are running in to the same issues here. This needs to be adressed, why isn't the clo team responding to these comments?

  • Avatar

    lol its look like nobody care)

  • Avatar

    same problem!

  • Avatar

    Here is a more detailed tutorial:

  • Avatar

    Fixed the mesh name problem! Sort of anyway.
    I had labelled the mesh correctly but it didn't accept the mesh names until I copy and pasted the text from the error message into Maya as the mesh name.

  • Avatar

    @erinbennett Hi Can you please explain thoroughly how you managed to solve this error? I'd appreciate this a lot! Thanks in advance!

  • Avatar

    I am using a DAZ genesis with custom shoes in blender. I saved shoes this way with shoe_l and shoe_r. When I load the shoes for registering, it says avatr is not a match. Am I missing something in avatar labels?