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Washing File (JEAN) of Jeanologia Import/ Export


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Import JEAN File

Export JEAN File 



Import a washing file(JEAN) of eDesigner, which is an application of Jeanologia offering laser washing solution, and apply it on a garment as a graphic. When exporting a tech pack(JSON), the applied and edited washing can be exported as JEAN file again.  


※Note: To import or export JEAN file, eDesigner must be installed on PC.




Import JEAN File 

3D/2D Toolbar ▶ Graphic (3D/2D Pattern) tool

Export JEAN File

File ▶ Export ▶ Jean (JEAN)




Import JEAN File

  1. Click the tool/menu indicated in Location.
    Open File window appears. 

  2. Click JEAN file. 
    eDesigner Login window appears. 
  3. Enter the ID and PW of eDesigner then click Login button.
    → The washing image is previewed in the Import JEAN File window. 
  4. Refer to the table below and import JEAN file by clicking the desired option. 
    Option Description
    Apply All

    Automatically identifies the face of the pattern and all washing images of JEAN file are applied. 

    This functions normally by the type of pants, edit the JEAN file exported from CLO in eDesigner, then import it back to apply to the same garment. When a garment and JEAN file are not corresponding, you can miss the washing file or position and scale may not be matching. Import the missing image individually.  

    (Apply a single image)

    Adds a single washing image that appeared in the Import JEAN file window. 

    To apply a washing to the double layers like a back pocket of pants, refer to the contents below.
    1) Copy the back pattern piece that applied a washing image.  
    2) Cut the Internal Shape/ Baseline of the pocket in the back pattern piece.
    3) Sew the cut pocket pattern piece onto the back pattern again. 
    4) Delete the original pocket and the remaining pattern pieces. 


※Note: Drag and drop a JEAN file from Library or OS Dialogue to 3D/2D window. 


Export JEAN File

  1. Click the tool/ menu indicated in Location. 
    → Export File window appears.
  2. Designate the file saving path and name the file, then click OK



  • Due to eDesigner supports only PNG format, you must export a graphic in PNG. 
  • You can only export a graphic by following the steps:  Graphic Properties ▶ Classification ▶ Wash (Jeanologia)
  • Ensure that you do not classify the file as Wash (Jeanologia) to prevent exporting the duplicated file when the same washing is applied to the double layer like the back pocket sewn into the back pattern.
  • You can set the washing file(JEAN) type to Wash or Breakage. (ver 6.1)



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