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Connection to DMIx Cloud & Compatible with Material (ver 6.0)



Simply drag and drop to apply color or AxF files for CLO. Find a variety of digitalized materials & colors from DMIx Cloud Web of Color Digital. 



  1. Drag and drop AxF files into the 3D/ 2D window of CLO from the DMIx Cloud webpage.
    → The AxF files are downloaded in DMIx Download Manager. 

  2. Drag and drop AxF files to the 3D garment/ 2D Patterns or 
    Click 'Assign to Selected Fabric' in DMIx Download Manager once you selected 3D garment/2D patterns.
    → AxF file is applied.


※ Note: 

  • Main Menu ▶ Preferences ▶ Clicking DMIx Download Manager also allows you to execute the window. 
  • New items are added when you drag and drop the AxF file of DMIx Download Manager to the Fabric List.  



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