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Render | Subsurface Scattering Material (ver 6.0)



Realistically express human skin. Subsurface Scattering Material penetrates and scatters under the objects' surface. Utilize the material to illustrate leaves, fruit, candles and more.

※ Note:  Application results are only be viewed in the Render window.


Fabric Property Editor ▶ Material ▶ Type ▶ Skin (Render Only)


  1. Select the menu/tool indicated in Location.
  2. Refer to the table below to edit the properties.
    Properties Description
    Mix Adjust the value of Subsurface Scattering (in which light is scattered by penetrating objects).
    If the value is 0, the material is not applied and is reflected only on the surface of the object. If the value is 1, it is applied to the maximum extent and does not reflect on the surface of the object.
    Density Scale  Adjust the size property of an object to adjust the extent to which SSS is applied. The smaller the value, the wider the SSS coverage.
    ※ Note: The Density Scale is applied by multiplying/sharing of each layer radius value, so adjust only the size to which SSS is applied while maintaining the radius ratio between the three layers.
    Shallow / Medium / Deep
    Adjust the properties of the three layers of subsurface scattering to express composite materials.
    Color Set the color of the light to be scattered.
    Color Map Use a map to express the desired color in the desired area.
    Weight The weight of the layer sets the intensity of the color and map of the layer that is set against the other layer. If the value is 1, it has the highest weight. 
    Radius Set the radius in which each layer scatters inside the surface of the object.
  3. Start the Render window. 
    → SSS materials are applied. 


※ Note: When two or more meshes are overlapped, SSS materials can appear abnormally. Therefore, take the overlapped meshes off each other using other 3D programs, or import the meshes separately and apply SSS materials.








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