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Print on Fabric (ver 6.0)


List of Contents 

Add Print

Set Print Properties

Copy Print

Save Print (PRT)



Print various patterns on Fabric.




Object Browser ▶ Fabric tab 



Add Print

  1. Click mceclip0.png Add Print to the right of the Fabric item.  
    → Open file window appears.

  2. Select the desired image.
    → A print item is added under the fabric item. 


Set Print Property

  1. Click the Print Item under the Fabric item.
    → Print Properties appear in the Property Editor.

  2. Edit the Print Properties as needed.
    Properties  Description
    Information Double-click the name to edit.
    In Addition, double-click on the print item name or edit the name from the right-click pop-up menu.
    Configuration Face Set the orientation(Front, Back and Both) of the Fabric to be printed.
    Repeat Type Set the Repeat Type(Block, Brick and Half Drop).
    Type Set the Type of Print Image.
    Transformation Set the width, height and angle of the Print Image.
    ※Note: Edit Texture tool edits the texture of the fabric and the print image together and if the fabric to which the print image was added has no texture, the Texture Editor tool cannot be used. 
    Open/Save Print Properties can be saved or opened as a PRT file.  
    When saving as a fabric file(ZFAB), the print properties are also saved.



Copy Print

  1. Click the fabric item to copy.
  2. Click the mceclip1.png Copy Print to the right of the Print item to be copied.
    → The print item is copied to the fabric.





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