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UV Editor Mode


  • jtg3

    Is there a way to export an obj or fbx with these baked textures applied to the model?

  • mponz


    I'm struggling with the UV editor.

    This morning I managed to export baked textures and it worked perfectly but now once I place png graphics onto pattern they won't show up in the UV editor, there's just a black square of the same size and I can't find where the problem is (tried different things on the graphic. Tiling options, z offset, roughness/normal/color maps... even restarted my pc just cos)

    I went back on the file I worked on this morning to disappointingly find out that it wasn't working anymore for some mysterious reason.

    Any ideas of why this happens?


  • smaldifassi


    In the section about auto packing there is no explanation about Padding and Packing ratio. Could you explain how these options work? and if they are related to each other when you use them.

    Thank you.