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Auto Sewing (ver 6.0)



Patterns are automatically sewn based on their placement on avatars.

※Note: The available range of automatic sewing is as follows.

  • Garment: 
    • Top (T-shirts, jackets, Jumper, etc.) and One-piece are possible.
    • Bottom (Skirt, Pants, etc) and Pants are impossible. 
  • Part: Bodies, Sleeves, Collars, Darts, Pleats, Cuffs, Sleeve with Vend & Placket.
  • Layer: One-ply pattern such as Pocket and Lining except for two-layer Patterns. 



Main Menu ▶ Sewing ▶ Auto Sewing 

3D Toolbar ▶ Auto Sewing 



  1. Click the Arrangement Points of the Avatar to arrange the Pattern. Since Auto Sewing is judged by the information of the Arrangement Points where each Pattern is arranged, Correct Arrangement Points should be used based on the rules below, otherwise, Auto Sewing may not work properly. (It is only applicable to the Bounding Volumes provided by CLO).

    Pattern Arrangement Points
    Collar/Band  Use Arrangement Points on the Avatar's neck.
    Bodies Use Arrangement Points on the Avatar's body.
    Sleeves Use Arrangement Points on the Avatar's arm,
    the cuff patterns can be used for both
    arm/wrist Arrangement Points.


  2. Select the tool/menu indicated in Location.
    → The arranged patterns are automatically sewn.



  • If there is a sewn line already before automatic sewing, it maintains while the rest of the sewing lines are being additionally auto-sewn.
  • Darts and Pleats can be sewn automatically without arranging patterns. 
  • For Pleats, automatic sewing is possible only when Internal Lines are defined by the fold direction of the Pleats.
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