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Texture Editor (ver 6.0)


List of Contents 

Run Texture Editor

Image Layer

Canvas Settings

Image Properties

Preview Settings

Apply Texture

Save Texture Image (ver 6.1)



Express complex graphics by overlaying multiple images. When images repeat, create seamless graphics by editing their outlines while referring to the preview.




Object Browser ▶ Material tabs ▶ Property Editor ▶ image__1_.png Open Texture Editor



Run Texture Editor

  1. Apply texture to the Fabric.
  2. Select the tool/menu indicated.
    → The Texture Editor runs.
    → The Canvas is automatically adjusted to the applied texture size.

Image Layer

  1. Set the image layer in the list of layers at the bottom left of the Texture Editor.
    Menu Description
    Add Click the Add button to add the image as a new layer.
    Copy Select the added layer and click the Copy button to copy it.
    Lock Click the Lock button to lock the layer so that it is not edited.
    Layer Order Click and drag the layer to change the order.
    Show Click the Show(eye) icon to view or hide the layer on the window.
    Delete Click the Delete button to delete the layer.
    Rename Double-click the name of the layer to edit it and press enter to apply it. 


Canvas Setting

  1. At the top of the texture editor, set up the canvas as needed.
    Menu Description
    Size Set the width and height of the canvas.
    Unit Set the units of the canvas and image.
    PPI (Pixels) Set the resolution of the canvas.
    Transparent Background Set the image to a Transparent Background.


Image properties

  1. Set the Image properties of the selected layer in the Properties list at the bottom right of the Texture Editor.
    Properties Description
    Paint Blend Mix the selected layer with the bottom layer.
    Color Set the color of the image
    Color Switch
    (ver 7.0)

    Number Set the number of colors to extract from the image.
    Sub Color Click the extracted color chip to change it to the different color.
    Opacity Adjust the Opacity of the image.
    Desaturate Remove the color while maintaining the pattern or texture of the texture image and change it to another color.
    Repeat Repeat
    Repeat the image.

    Space / Shift

    Adjust the space and shift value between repeated textures.
    Extend to Other Side If the image intersects with the grid, extend it to the other side.
    Transformation Pivot Set the Pivot position of the image.
    Position Move the image based on the Position of the Pivot.
    Size Set the size of the image.
    Angle  Rotate the image.
    Reset Click the Reset button for the Position, Size and Angle properties to revert back to the original image.
    ※Note: Edit Texture by using the Gizmo in the upper right corner of the Texture Preview window.


Preview Settings

  1. Click the image__2_.png Preview Settings in the upper right corner of the Texture Editor.
    → The Preview Settings window appears.

  2. Set the options below.
    Menu Description
    Show Grid View or hide the grid.
    Occlude Opacity Set the Opacity of repeated images in the Preview window.


Apply Texture 

  1. When the texture editing is complete, click the Apply & Close button at the bottom right of the Texture Editor.
    → The edited texture is applied.

Save Texture Image (ver 6.1)

  1. Click Save Image at the bottom left of the Texture Editor window. 
    → Save Images window appears.

  2. Select the image to save and click OK. 
    → The file explorer window appears.

  3. Select the folder to save the image.
    → The image is saved as modified in the Texture Editor.



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    I just downloaded the latest trial of this fantastic edition of Clo3d, and thank you to make such an amazing tool. I have a question about the Texture Editor : I tried to create fabric print, few times, and it only end up with a transparent material, although the opacity is at 100%. What Am I doing wrong? Is that realted with a graphic card or the processor of my PC? Thank you for your help

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    Hello, I have the exact same problem as Fantazie. Thank you for your help!