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Create the desired shape of pleats to Patterns.



Main Menu ▶ 2D Pattern ▶ Pleats ▶ Pleats

2D Toolbar ▶  Pleats.png Pleats



  1. Select the tool/menu indicated in Location. 

  2. Click to create a start point and an endpoint of a reference line of the pleats along Pattern Outlines.
    → A Pattern is divided into two.

  3. Click on the side where the pleats will be added.
    → The Pleats window appears.

  4. Configure the options and select OK. 
    Pleats Type Select the type of the pleats (Knife, Box, or Accordion). 
    Specification Number of Pleats Decide the number of pleats.
    Depth Assign the depth of the pleats (the depth of folded pleats). 
    Interval Set the interval between pleats when there are two or more pleats.
    Create Notch  Select where to create Notch (Both, Start, or End).
    Reverse Direction Reverse the direction where the pleats will be added.
    Option Assign fold angles to the fold lines. 
    Greater the difference between the angle of Outside Fold and Inside Fold, sharper the folds are.
    → The pleats are created on the Pattern.
     If there is an Internal Line in the Pattern, it is also moved and rotated along with the Pattern. (ver 6.0)


※ Note: If the segment where pleats to be created is sewn to another Pattern, the pleats will be automatically sewn. If the segment is not sewn, use the Pleats Sewing tool to sew the pleats to the other Pattern.



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    I follow exactly as described. After I configure the pleats, and confirm, no pleats are created ??

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    I am trying to create a shape full of pleats.

    The "Pleats Tools" doesn't allow me to start the pleats at the begging of the shape.

    It also doesn't allow me to add the depth of the pleats.

    Please, Could you help me?