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Create/ Edit V-Ray Lights (ver 5.2)


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Create Light

Select/ Move/ Rotate Light

Right-click Pop-up Menu



Create and edit various lights.



Create Light
Render Toolbar ▶ Render_Light.png  Rectangle/Sphere/Spot/Directional/IES/ Dome Light

Select Light
Main Menu ▶ 3D Garment ▶ Select/Move

3D Toolbar ▶ Toolbar_3D_Select_Move.png Select/Move 



Create Light

  1. Select the tool indicated in Location.
  2. Click a light to be created.
    → The light appears in the 3D Window.
    → The light's direction appears as a line.


Select/ Move/ Rotate Light

  1. Select the tool indicated in Location.
  2. Click the light to select/ move/ rotate.
    → The light is selected and its properties appear in the Property Editor.
    → The Gizmo appears.
  3. Use the Gizmo to move or rotate the light.
    → The light is moved or rotated accordingly.


Right-click Pop-up Menu

  1. Select the tool indicated in Location.
  2. Right-click on the light.
    → The right-click pop-up menu appears.
  3. Click the menu below as needed.
    Option Description
    Select All Lights Select all lights.
    Delete/Deactivate Light/Hide Light Delete, deactivate, or hide the selected light.
    Show All Lights Show all hidden lights in the 3D Window.
    ※ Note:
    Show or hide lights by using the icon in the 3D Window.
    3D_Show.png Environment Display ▶ Show_Light_Render.png Show Light (Render)




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