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Auto Grading



Automatically grade patterns based on the avatar size.

※ Note: Auto Grading is supported only with CLO avatars. 


Main Menu ▶ 2D Pattern ▶ Auto Grading 

2D Toolbar ▶ Auto_Grading.png  Auto Grading


  1. Adjust the avatar size and drape 3D garments on the avatar.
    ※ Note: Please set Particle Distance as 20mm for the most optimized result.

  2. Follow the indicated path below:

    Main Menu ▶ 2D Pattern ▶ Auto Grading 

    2D Toolbar ▶ Auto_Grading.png  Auto Grading

    → The Auto Grading window appears.

  3. Adjust the below options as needed and click OK.

    Maintain Pattern Curvature(%) Configure the extent of modification of pattern curvature.
    Higher the value is, less affected curvature while resizing the patterns. On the other hand, lower the value is, both curvature and size of the patterns are modified.
    Maintain Graphic Size ON Graphics maintain their size.
    OFF The size of graphics are adjusted based on the size changes of the patterns.

    → The 3D garment is auto-graded and draped on the avatar.

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    My autograding doesn't work, though avatars for each size had been assigned. Happens nothing when i press button "autograding".

  • Avatar

    Auto grading works when I use the standard Clo avatars that come with the program. I edited the dimensions of the avatar to a custom size and now I cannot use the auto grade function. Is this because it is not the "standard" Clo avatar? How do I go about grading manually for this new avatar?

  • Avatar

    To clarify it says that, "It only works for a simulated garment." but my garment is simulated.

  • Avatar

    What are the steps for creating multiple sizes using auto grading? How do you save the sizes and go back to edit them later?

  • Avatar

    Hello, everyone, pattern grading sometimes can be complicated but "clo auto-grading" makes grading easier than it seam. I have created several videos about "auto-grading" (step-by-step) topics please see these links below and if you still have questions about auto-grading flow on Encoder Fashion youtube, hope this helps.

    1. Why auto-grading does not work:
    2. How to grade a top pattern in multiple sizes (part 1 -2):
    3. Advance clo grading pants: (part 1-6)
    Edited by rosewilley
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    Hi, I'm a bit confused- what are these grey lines that show up when I do autograding? Is that the new, autograded pattern? If the grey lines represent the new pattern, how can I change the pattern from here? I can't seem to do anything with these grey lines (delete, move, etc)