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Auto Fitting


  • pukpuk

    My autograding doesn't work, though avatars for each size had been assigned. Happens nothing when i press button "autograding".

  • sheerstitchery

    Auto grading works when I use the standard Clo avatars that come with the program. I edited the dimensions of the avatar to a custom size and now I cannot use the auto grade function. Is this because it is not the "standard" Clo avatar? How do I go about grading manually for this new avatar?

  • sheerstitchery

    To clarify it says that, "It only works for a simulated garment." but my garment is simulated.

  • lt565645

    What are the steps for creating multiple sizes using auto grading? How do you save the sizes and go back to edit them later?

  • rosewilley

    Hello, everyone, pattern grading sometimes can be complicated but "clo auto-grading" makes grading easier than it seam. I have created several videos about "auto-grading" (step-by-step) topics please see these links below and if you still have questions about auto-grading flow on Encoder Fashion youtube, hope this helps.

    1. Why auto-grading does not work:
    2. How to grade a top pattern in multiple sizes (part 1 -2):
    3. Advance clo grading pants: (part 1-6)
  • thngswewear

    Hi, I'm a bit confused- what are these grey lines that show up when I do autograding? Is that the new, autograded pattern? If the grey lines represent the new pattern, how can I change the pattern from here? I can't seem to do anything with these grey lines (delete, move, etc)

  • xado

    I'm javing the same issue as above Thngswewear, auto grading shows in grey, and it seams I can never go back to previous size, and I cannot delete those grey line neither can I "regenerate" those auto-upgrade in case of a pattern modification?? is there a way to delete an "autoupgrade" pattern?