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CLOLLAB Guidelines


Dear User, welcome to CLOLLAB, we are glad to see you joining in and we are looking forward to your awesome posts!  

In order to sustain a positive, encouraging and inspiring environment within our reborn community, CLOLLAB, we wish for your help and collaboration. Below you can find a few concepts that we would like you to take into consideration while engaging in this community.

Respect: Everyone is welcomed in our community. Every member’s unique perspective on things should be respected and accepted. Constructive criticism is welcomed, but don’t be mean and disrespectful when expressing your opinion. Content that is offensive and contains nudity, vulgar language, graphic violence, or promotes illegal activity or self-harm is strictly forbidden and will be removed.

Support: Don’t hesitate to ask & reply. There is no such thing as a stupid question and answer. This is a dynamic platform where we exchange knowledge and help each other.

Safety: Please do not share your personal information (home address, phone number, email address, user ID, password, credit card information etc.).

Authenticity: Be honest and transparent. Post as yourself and don’t hide behind a fake identity. All the content you want to share within CLOLLAB should be original and owned by you or you should have the permission from the initial owner. Be mindful and respect copyrights.

Fun: Don’t forget to have fun and get to know your fellow CLOLLAB members. :)


In addition to these concepts, we have set some rules regarding self-promotion and third party services:

We encourage you to promote yourself and your best work in CLOLLAB. It is our pleasure to connect you with new and exciting job opportunities within the industry. However, it is forbidden to promote yourself by using other people’s work.

If third party services can be beneficial to your fellow CLOLLAB members, promotion of these services is allowed. However, such promotions should not be in a form of an advertisement, but rather a helpful resource for others.


*Please freely communicate in any languages. CLOLLAB has no language restrictions.

We reserve the right to moderate posts and comments at our discretion.

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