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The simulation result is different when using GPU Simulation.



The simulation result is different when using GPU Simulation (refer to Simulation options.)



As the collision is calculated with a different algorithm when using GPU for Simulation, it is normal to have different results compared to when using CPU for Simulation.

The GPU Simulation feature added to CLO ver5.0.0 is not as stable as the Normal Simulation option when simulating multi-layered garments. In order to moderate the issue, Add'l Thickness - Collision value between garments increases to the same value as their Particle Distance which will return to original value when the Simulation option is reverted to CPU. Additionally, Add'l Thickness - Collision value between garments and avatar will be fixed at 1.5mm.

Please make a note of below when using GPU Simulation.

  • To quickly create a single layer garment
    • Check silhouettes quickly with GPU Simulation at the initial stage. Switch to the Normal Simulation option which is supported with CPU to add more layers to the garment.

  • To edit a heavy garment with multiple layers in Simulation
    • Use GPU Simulation after stabilizing the heavy garment with the Normal Simulation option.
    • e.g. to show details inside a jacket

  • Do NOT use GPU Simulation in the Animation Mode
    • As GPU Simulation is not capable of calculating intense collision which occurs during animation due to avatars' movement, please use the Complete Simulation option for stable simulation.
    • Even the Normal Simulation option, the default option for CPU Simulation, is not recommended for the Animation Mode.
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    Which simulation mode would be recommended when viewing stress/strain maps? The GPU simulation results seem to output higher values than the CPU.

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    Is there plans to make GPU simulation compatible with AMD graphics cards in the future?
    I noticed i can render with my AMD gpu but when i try to gpu simulate it tells me it only works with nvidia cards.