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Convert to Avatar (ver5.0.0 and Above)



Convert custom 3D dummies and 3D body scans to CLO avatars maintaining their body shape.

Utilize provided accessories such as hair, shoes, and more with the converted Avatars in CLO.

※ Note: Converted Avatars cannot be edited with the Avatar Size Editor in CLO.


Main Menu ▶ Avatar ▶ Convert to Avatar


  1. Follow the indicated path below:

    Main Menu ▶ Avatar ▶ Convert to Avatar

    → The Convert to Avatar window appears.
    → A warning that alerts the deletion of all Avatars in the 3D window appears when Avatars already exist in the 3D window. Click Proceed to continue or Cancel to cancel.

  2. Click an icon next to Open a 3D body file to open the reference 3D dummy or 3D body scan file.

  3. Choose a desired 3D body scan or dummy from the Open File window.
    → The name and path for the selected file appears in the Convert to Avatar window.

  4. Select a desired Avatar under the Select gender option.

  5. Click Next after loading and selecting an Avatar.
    → Loaded 3D dummy or scan overlaps with the selected Avatar; the custom file appears in blue whereas the CLO avatar appears in red.
    → The CLO Avatar's joints appear as the Show X-Ray Joints option is activated.

  6. Refer to directions on the Convert to Avatar window and completely align the CLO Avatar with the custom body.

    Adjust the avatar's HPS/Inseam height in Avatar Size Editor to overlap the total body if necessary.
       Select the Open Avatar Size Editor to open the Avatar Size Editor. When the Avatar Size Editor appears, adjust the Avatar's HPS/Inseam height according to the Adjust Avatar Size manual.
    Adjust the CLO avatar pose to overlap the body parts below.
       Change the pose by clicking and dragging the each avatar joint.
    Show Tutorial Video
       Refer to the tutorial video if you experience difficulties following the direction.

  7. a) When the avatar adjustment is completed, select the Convert button.
        → A pop-up window appears when the avatar conversion is completed.

    b) Select the Cancel button.
        → A warning appears to alert that the avatar conversion is not completed.
        → When you select OK, the Show X-Ray Joints option is deactivated and the custom body is deleted from the 3D window.
        → When you select Cancel, you will return to the Convert to Avatar window.

  8. a) Select Save as Avatar button to save the converted avatar.
        → The Save File window appears where you can input file name and designate the saving path.
        → Select Close to close the Convert to Avatar window.

    b) Select Back when the converted avatar is unsatisfactory.
        → The Convert to Avatar window returns to the state of the Step 6.
        → All adjustments (adjusted avatar size and joints) made in the Step 6 remain.
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  • Avatar

    Erica I have tried this and it is not working it's at 20% and crashes would like to see if it really works but only crash :( Way to many issues in 5.0 very unstable any advise??

    and there is no Convert to Avatar clip to see it says coming soon ?? :(

    This  does not work at all have tried it and is not good

    Edited by blanding
  • Avatar

    I have the same problem as blanding. Using CLO version 5.0.178. Convert to Avatar tool gets stuck at 20% and the program crashes.

  • Avatar
    mmu3D Admin

    Hi there, I am enjoying using the convert to avatar and am wanting to keep more of the integrity of the body scans - I am finding that after I have moved the CLO avatar to match the body scan .obj and then clicked to convert to avatar - no matter how I position the head of the body scan - the CLO3D avatar head is then shown rather than a morph of the body scan. Is there a way to remove the head of the avatar (I have used the opacity so far just to hide it but wold prefer to remove if possible). Thanks!

  • Avatar
    mmu3D Admin

    hi there, is there a child base avatar that i can use for converting a child/small person .obj file for the convert to avatar? I am also looking for a darker skinned base avatar for using with the convert to avatar - ideally with anthropometric features which are more curvy. Thanks!

  • Avatar

    When I open my obj file in the Convert to avatar function, the CLO avatar that loads is wearing heels, which makes it rather difficult to align with my obj file who is not wearing heels. Where can I adjust the settings so that the CLO avatar with flat shoes are loaded? Thank you in advance.