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Adjust Avatar Size


  • nadiaking

    Would it be possible to add the option to alter the underbust measurment? The is a line on the avatar but I can't seem to alter it. When using CLO3D for lingerie this is an important factor. It would be very useful to alter the overbust measurement and underbust measurements independently.

  • cafitness

    I like having the capability of drafting the avatar according to the body shapes I am looking for. The two areas that I find missing are: 1) The underbust and the full bust measurement does not yield the differentiation needed to resemble the bust size 2) the Advanced measurements asks for the Full Rise measurement but it does not differentiate how much to apply to the front and to the back thus not fully representing the desired avatar shape. I believe all it is needed is to add the additional measurements to the bust and rise for the front and back. These additional measurements would allow the drafting of the bust line and the rise much better than the current tools.

  • evaw

    can't edit the avartar size also

  • evaw

    it is ok now, the function is only available for avatar outside the avatar folder

  • sudolisa

    avartar editor is not working. Thing all grey suddenly. Please help ASAP.

  • gloriabeccabridal

    I'm not understanding how to put in the circumference for the bust measurement under the "Basic" option. The total body measurement has 4.921 as the default setting. The "Bust Circumference" option doesn't allow me update the default. How can I do this?

  • anastasiaarts

    Is there a list of descriptions for each of the measurements as the ones you give here for the height options? For example, if I look at Crotch Depth measurement that is not visualised on the avatar, how do I know where from and where to it has been measured? Same question applies to other measurements that do not display on the avatar.