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Express Glitter (ver5.0.0)



Express various glitter with different color.


Object Browser ▶ Property Editor (Select Fabric) ▶ Material ▶ Type ▶ Glitter (Render Only)


  1. Follow the indicated guideline below:

    Object Browser ▶ Property Editor (Select Fabric) ▶ Material ▶ Type ▶ Glitter (Render Only)

    ※Note: To preview the glitter, please navigate to the Main Menu ▶ Render ▶ Render ▶ Interactive Render.

  2. Refer to the below table and express the desired glitter by modifying the properties.

    Option Description
    Glitter Parameters Color

    Set glitter color.


    Set the number of the glitter particles.

    Higher the value is, more the glitter particles are, and vice-versa.


    Saturation Variation

    Randomize each glitter particle's color.

    When the value is 0, there's no variation to the color, showing the color set by the user. On the other hand, more color appear when the value is 1.

    ※Note: When one of the R, G, B values of the color is dominant, saturation variation occurs within the corresponding color value.
    In the above case, you may not see various color. To express various color, please set R, G, B values similarly.

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    Is it possible to use the glitter render but also keep fabric looking transparent. It seems to make the fabric lose transparency no what what glitter settings I use. I am trying to make a glitter tulle fabric. Thank you