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Ruler & Guidelines


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Show/Hide Ruler

Create Guideline

Move/ Delete Guideline

Lock Guideline



Place 2D elements or create pattern using Ruler and Guidelines in 2D Window. 


2D Tool bar Transform Pattern tool or Toolbar_2D_Pattern_Edit.pngEdit Pattern


Show/Hide Ruler

  1. 2D Window ▶ 2d_information.png 2D Information ▶Click ruler.png Show Ruler
    → Ruler appears in 2D window.
  2. Right click on Ruler and change the unit (Inch, Centimeter, Millimetre).
  3. Click and drag the cross point on the top left of the tape measure to change the origin point.


Create Guidelines

  1. Click the tool/ menu indicated.

  2. Use Transform Pattern tool or Toolbar_2D_Pattern_Edit.png Edit Pattern tool to click either the vertical or the horizontal ruler ▶ Drag it.
    → A guideline is created.

  3. Or right click on a segment to be a reference of a guideline or two points and click Create a Guideline Along Points.
    → A guideline is created based on the selected points or the segment.


Move/ Delete Guidelines 

  1. Click the tool/ menu indicated.

  2. Click & drag a guideline. Right-click to select Delete menu.
    → The guideline is moved and deleted. 


Lock Guideline

  1. Right-click on empty space on the 2D Window and select Lock All Guidelines. 
    Or 2D Window ▶  mceclip1.png 2D Pattern Lock ▶ Click mceclip0.png Lock Guideline
    → The guidelines are not selected. 



  • Click Ruler ▶ Hit the Ctrl key on the keyboard when click-and-dragging the guideline or hold the Ctrl key and click the guideline to convert its direction.
  • Use  Toolbar_2D_Shape_Trace.png Trace tool to trace as internal shape or pattern.
  • When creating and moving a guideline, it snaps to segment points on a pattern. (ver 6.1)


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