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Express Fur_Fur Parameters


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Express Fur_Fur Parameters

Fur Parameter 


Express Fur_Fur Parameters

- Adjust fur properties expressed in Render.

- The Fur Fabric Item in the Object Browser ▶ Property Editor▶ Material▶ Type ▶Fur(Render Only) ▶Fur Parameters

Fur Parameter

  • Melanin
    - Configure saturation of the fur's original color.
    - Higher the Melanin value is, saturated the color is. On the other hand, lower the value is, light the color is

  • PheoMelanin
    - Configure how reddish the fur is.
    - Higher the PheoMelanin value is, redder the fur is. 
    - PheoMelanin value is applied in proportion to Melanin value, PheoMelanin value is not counted when the Melanin value is 0.

  • Glossiness
    - Configure shininess of the fur.
    - When the light is applied to the fur, shinier it is with higher value.

  • Glossiness Boost
    - Express coated fur.
    - Glossiness adjusts intrinsic shininess of the fur whereas Glossiness Boost expresses the shininess from the fur finishing, like wax or coating.
    - Higher the Glossiniess Boost value is, stronger the fur finishing effect is.

  • Softness
    - Express smoothness of the fur.
    - Higher the Softness value is, smoother the fur is. On the other hand, lower the value is, rougher the fur is. 


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