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Express Fur_Fur(Render Only)


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Express Fur_Fur(Render Only)

Expression fur in render 


Express Fur_Fur(Render Only)

- Express coat, fur coat, fleece and more realistically by visualizing different shaped and color fur.

- Select the Fur Fabric Item in the Object Browser ▶ Property Editor▶ Material▶ Type ▶Fur(Render Only)

Expression Fur in Render

- Select the Pattern which Fur Material needs to be applied to.

- Apply a Fabric Item to the selected Pattern.

- Select Fur(Render Only) under Type in the Property Editor.

- Open the Render window by navigating to Main Menu ▶ Render ▶ Render.

- Click the interactive_render.pngInteractive Render tool to preview Fur.


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