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User Interface



In the user settings, change the basic settings of the software menu at your convenience.

When restarting the software, it runs based on the environment you set. User Interface can be set during user settings. 


Main Menu ▶ Settings ▶ User Settings ▶ User Interface


  1. Select the tool/menu indicated.
    Menu Description
    Unit System Set the default units (Millimeter, Centimeter, Inch) to be used in the program.
    ※Note: Unit Change is reflected immediately. (ver 6.2)
    Use Ligne (L) for Button Width Use the button size in L.
    Default Topstitch Thread Thickness Unit Set the default unit for topstitch thickness.
    Currency Unit Set the currency unit for the Bill of Material.

    Mode & Toolbar 

    Default Mode (ver 6.2) Choose the default mode once you launch the application. 
    3D/2D/Render Toolbar Change the location of the 3D/2D/Render(ver 6.1) toolbar to the Top, Left, Right, or Bottom of the Render window.
    Group Tools Group common tools to minimize the problem of some tools being hidden in the default layout. ※Note: All manuals are written based on the tool grouping off state.
    Show Manual and Video Links from Tooltips View or hide the manual and video links that appear in the tooltip.
    Font Font Family Select the font you want.
    (High-Resolution DPI Only)
    Optimize for High Resolution By default, the interface magnification is optimized according to the display resolution. Change the resolution to QHD, FHD or 4K by turning off the option.
    ※Note: When using multiple monitors, the high-resolution monitor must be set as the main monitor in the OS display settings. 
    Appearance (ver 6.1)
    Line Customize the color of Pattern Outline, Internal line, Baseline, Selection, and Hover with thickness. Also, you can change the Line Length Size. 
    Highlight Change the color of the 3D Pattern Selection, Freeze/ Solidify/ Layer/ Bonding/ Solidify(ver 7.0)
    File Open/Save Dialog Type
    (For MAC Only)
    The File Open/Save window can be used as a Mac Finder or CLO's own dialog. If crashes frequently occur when using Mac Finder, it is recommended to use CLO's own dialog. 

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    The "Resolution" option does not exist on the Mac version. Some comments online suggest that this may fix a bug where some of the icons are missing from the toolbars. I am using a MacBook Pro 2019.

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    On setting the Display to 4K all the icons disappeared, and annoyingly, the dialog to reset is now unreadable. In version 6

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    The user interface does not work - nothing changes when I try to alter layout eg 2D to the right and 3D to the left - does not work and all the tools nest when I have asked it not to

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    issue still not fixed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!