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[CLOSET] Render via CLOSET


  • virjny

    Hi, i am trying the beta version and when i edit the tech pack from closet, the excell file is empty. it does not fill in the file automatcally ?

  • virjny

    Hi, i am trying beta version and render in closet is very very very very loooooooonnnnnnnggggg>
    Also impossible to add collaborator

  • polygondressing

    Hello, I am not able to login to closet, it keeps asking me to sign in with my 'SW' account (?) and when I enter ID and PW nothing happens.
    Also, agree with virjny that rendering takes very long. 1 image with mid quality settings took 22h, just as an input.
    Thanks for any advice for login!

  • Pranav

    How can I edit the Light and Noise Setting of Render on CLOSET website?
    If not can you share the setting at which it is rendering?

  • silvialis

    I want to download a Turntable render via Closet, but it only download images... Do you know how I can download video. Thanks!

  • odellin

    Seems like no staffers are looking at this thread, but I just wanted to add that rendering via Closet is hopeless for me too - 14 hr render times for one item, medium resolution. The whole point of rendering via Closet, is that it is supposed to be a much faster route than rendering locally. I watched a brief introduction video from Clo about Closet and looking closely at the narrator's render times, her items took around 5 minutes each. Can anyone explain if Closet BETA is working or not? I don't want to waste my time trying if it is not working quite right just yet. Thanks!