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Sew Blocks


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Sew Patterns and Block Boxes 

Show Modular Sewing / Show Pattern Sewing


Set seamlines between Patterns and Block Boxes.


Modular Mode ▶ Block Editor


Sew Patterns and Block Boxes

  1. Follow the indicated guideline below:

    Modular Mode ▶ Block Editor

  2. Click on  Segment sewing tool or  Free sewing tool.

  3. Set seamlines for Pattern and its relative Block Boxes (Step 2 and 3 do not necessarily need to be in order).

  4. Set Pattern outlines (Patterns must be sewn one another i.e. shoulder seams, armholes, side seams) and seamlines between Block Boxes.

  5. Repeat the steps above for the remains. 

※ Note: 

  • Block Boxes can only be sewn with Segment Sewing. In other words, sewing multiple Block Box segments at once by using M:N Free Sewing is not allowed. Therefore if the number of Block Box segments is higher than the number of segments need to be sewn, add segments on the patterns to make the number equal, then sew them 1:1.
    ex) In case of a basic t-shirt block, there is a point added on the neck segment. Therefore add a point on its pattern, then sew the segments 1:1.  

  • Patterns that are sewn alone (i.e. hems, sleeves or armholes of a sleeveless style) do not need to be sewn to Block Boxes.

  • Difference in length between the actual Pattern and the Block Boxes has no effect on the simulation. 

  • Rest of the principle is the same as the Simulation Mode. 

Show Modular Sewing / Show Pattern Sewing

  1. Follow the indicated guideline below:

    Modular Mode ▶ Block Editor

  2. 2D Toolbar default presets  Show Modular Sewing / Show Pattern Sewing tool. 
    → While the tool is toggled on, it enables to check the seamlines between Patterns and Block Boxes.

  3. Deselect  Show modular sewing / Show pattern sewing tool. 
    → Block Boxes to Pattern seamlines disappears but for Patterns to Patterns are appeared.  

    ※ Note: If seamlines do not appear after setting Pattern and Block Boxes, 
    please confirm   Show modular sewing / Show pattern sewing toggle status. 

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