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Show Grading


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Show Grading

Show/hide Size Group

Show/hide All Grading


Show Grading

- Show or hide grading from the 2D Patterns.

- Show/hide Size Group 

Object Browser ▶ Grading Tab ▶ Size Group (Select Desired) ▶ Property Editor ▶ Show

Show/hide All Grading 

2D Toolbar ▶ showhide_grading.pngShow Grading

Main Menu ▶ Show ▶ 2D Pattern ▶ Show Grading


Show/Hide Size Group

- To show or hide specific Size Group, click the desired Size Group from the Object Browser ▶Grading Tab.

- Toggle off the Show option to hide the selected Size Group.

- Toggle on to show the Size Group again.


Show/Hide All Grading

- To show or hide all grading, click the showhide_grading.pngShow Grading tool from the 2D toolbar.

- All grading in the 2D window disappears.

- Click the showhide_grading.pngShow Grading tool again to appear all grading.


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