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AI Import of Patterns with Prints/Graphics Applied


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Import – Adobe (AI/PDF)

Importing Patterns with Prints/Graphics


Import - Adobe (AI/PDF)

- AI Patterns with graphics can be imported into CLO together, without having to import them separately.

-  Navigate to Main Menu ▶ Import ▶ ADOBE (AI/PDF).

Importing Patterns with Prints/Graphics

- Navigate to Main Menu ▶ Import ▶ ADOBE (AI/PDF). A file browser to select AI file will appear. Select the AI file to be imported.

- The Import AI/PDF pop-up window will appear.

- Toggle on Import as Internal Shape and Import as Graphic.

- Adjust related options in the Import AI/PDF pop-up window and select OK.

- The selected AI file will be imported with Prints/Graphics and each item can be edited individually.


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