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Colorway Multiview Snapshot


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Colorway Multiview Snapshot

Capturing Colorway Multiview Snapshot


Colorway Multiview Snapshot

- Capture multiview snapshot of a single garment or an outfit in multiple colorways at one time.

-  Switch to Colorway Mode.

- Navigate to Main Menu ▶ FILE ▶ Snapshot ▶ 3D Window to create and save a Snapshot.

Capturing Colorway Multiview Snapshot

- Switch to Colorway Mode and navigate to File ▶ Snapshot ▶3D Window.

- A file browser will appear.

- Assign file name and its saving location. Then, select Save.

- Snapshot pop-up window will appear.

- Check Save All Colorways under Options category. Select Save.

 - Multiview snapshot of the 3D Garment in multiple colorways will be saved at the designated location.


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