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Seamline Topstitch


Seamline Topstitch

- Establish the Topstitch along the Seamlines.

- Select the 2015-09-10____11-06-11.jpgSeamline Topstitch tool from the 2D toolbar. 

- Or, navigate to the Main Menu and select Material ▶ Seamline Topstitch.

- With the Seamline Topstitch tool activated, all the Seamlines appear in the 2D Window.

- Hover over the desired Seamline.

- A blue guide point should appear and click and drag along the Seamline.

- Click again to complete the Seamline Topstitch.

- The Seamline Topstitch created on the Seamlines should be highlighted in red.

- The 2015-09-10____11-06-11.jpgSeamline Topstitch tool creates the Topstitch along both sides of the paired Seamlines. Therefore, the blue guide point will appear on both sides of the paired Seamlines.

-  The 2015-09-10____11-06-11.jpgSeamline Topstitch tool has some similar qualities with the Free Topstitch tool. Users do not have to select the entire segment of the Seamline. Divide up the Seamlines to apply multiple styles of the Seamline Topstitch on the selected pair of the Seamlines.



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