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Create Binding


  • annajarvey

    I have a garment (tank top) and it won't allow me to add binding to any of the edges. Instead of the blue dot to select start and finish it only displays red dots which means I can't add any binding - on any of the edges!
    It will however allow me to add piping onto those edges which doesn't make sense - please help.
    Binding feature is generally very difficult to use!

  • arabesque22

    I'm having the same issue as anna. I am trying to put binding around a rectangular piece, a scarf that is wrapped around the neck, so I am trying to add it to the 2d pattern piece. It will only let me put it on 2 sides. When I try to put it on the other 2 sides, the dot turns red, it won't let me go in the direction I want. If I do manage to get it on the 2 other sides, it won't accept my double click at the end.

  • acne

    Hi, we have similar issues than the 2 comments above: we can only add binding on the pieces when there is no seam, once there is a seam it won't allow me to add binding, it shows as red. so every time I have to delete the seam first, add binding, then put the seam back. Will this issue be resolved ? Thank you !

  • asiparks

    same issues as above- the behavior of the "add binding" tool seems arbitrary -
    it's hard to add over fuller pattern pieces in the 3d window and inconsistent in the 2D - If it could work in the 2D window in a similar fashion to m:n sewing, clicking on the edges or endpoints of the pieces where you want to add binding, then hit "enter" at the very end...

  • r40172

    I cannot get the binding to ever work. It seems to never actually complete. click drag and double click and it never completes. If I then go to select binding then there's nothing there. I'm on a Mac, maybe that's why? I sure wish it worked :(