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Show Pattern Annotations


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Show Pattern Annotations

Importing DXF File With Annotations

Show/hide Pattern Annotations


Show Pattern Annotations

- Show or hide Pattern Annotations from the 2D Window.

- Select the Show Pattern Annotations tool from the 2D toolbar.

-  Or, right click on the 2D Window to access the pop-up menu. Select SHOW PATTERN ANNOTATIONS.

Importing DXF File with Annotations

-  To import annotations along with DXF file, check on IMPORT PATTERN ANNOTATION option in the Import DXF Window.


Show/Hide Pattern Annotations

- When Pattern Annotation tool is in use, Show Pattern Annotations tool is activated by default.

- To show Pattern Annotations while using other tools, select the Select/Move Pattern Annotation tool from the 2D toolbar.

- Hidden Pattern Annotations will appear again in the 2D Window.


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